Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lost and Found

For a few weeks now I have been battling with some sort of denial that the warm months are on their way out, and although I adore fall and the cooler mornings and nights, I dread winter. When I get in these moods, there is not much that can bring me out of them. Dare I say, not even a good run or yoga session can break me. The only exercise I get is perhaps getting up to eat more of Whoops' Smart Puffs or what ever sugary cereal he has brought home, but even that might take too much effort.

BUT.... I have some good news. I might be getting back on track and it only took dragging myself to my boot camp class. I hurt so bad today that it made it all worth it. Then, I was invited to a yoga session and that was absolutely insane! You have no idea how bad your body needs to be stretched out until you have a 75 minute yoga class. The instructor did this one intense move that was a modified chair pose and then had us moving up and down in a very precise motion (OUCH!!). I have topped my night out with a hot cup of Tazo Teas. My absolute favorite is the 'Joy' tea, which comes around during the holidays, and it a mixture of green and black tea. And finally I am back to blogging a little bit, which I also took a little break from.

I am not alone in these weird little 'slumps of the blahs', I am sure. Sometimes it might even be good to succomb a little bit and let the body and the mind unwind. However, the inner athlete is always there! And if a good run or kick butt yoga or cardio session does not help, well there is always the comfort of The Hills (one of my many guilty pleasures), Gossip Girl (yet another guilty pleasure).

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Live Well said...

Hey girlie whenever you are down, just think about scraggles taped to the wall! Seriously though, you are amazing and I think you take on a little too much sometimes. Relax and give youself the credit you deserve! I want to take Yoga with you! Why can't you just move down here?