Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's in a Movie

Whoops has inspired me to put together a little post that outlines some of the best movies to watch when you are feeling like watching a movie. You may want to watch a movie because of a boy, girl or both. Maybe there is work blah or home blah or money blah. Whatever the reason, the following movies are my top ones to watch.

Now before I get into the meat of it, some background as to how this all came about. When ever, and I mean WHEN EVER, I am watching one of my cure-all whatever movies, Whoops will say without fail 'how many times does this make?'. Keep in mind I do not utter this phase to him when he is watching Star Wars or Batman Begins for the umpteenth time. So, this is a little tribute to the movies that will remain on my forever favorites list.

(in no particular order)

1. Pretty in Pink

2. Just Married

3. Just Friends

4. Breakfast at Tiffany's (Crucial for those 'I am utterly devastated for no particular reason' days)

5. The Money Pit (and your thought your house was bad)

6. Tommy Boy

7. Super Troopers

8. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (This movie has gotten me through some pretty crappy holiday seasons)

9. A lot Like Love (you all know you have that friend that you think 'what if' about)

10. Office Space (Do I even need to notate what this movie is perfect for?)

11. Say Anything (Best 'I have to follow my heart' movie ever!)

12. Swingers (To remember how 'money' you are!)

13. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Because you know there is a small part of you who wishes you could live that double life)

14. Waitress

15. Puccini for Beginners

16. True Romance (I don't wish my life was this dramatic, but it is fun to pretend)

17. Zoolander

18. Premonition (Because I still cannot understand it)

19. Far and Away

20. Sex and The City (The new classic for women)

I could keep going, but I feel like the above rounds out my all time topsys. If you have not seen any of the above, I recommend them and if you have seen all of the above, I recommend watching them over and over again!

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Live Well said...

What? How did the The Princess Bride not make this list? I swear you used to have this on repeat play.