Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yale Bowl

Every single year, well almost, Whoops and I make it a point to go to Yale Bowl. But this post is not all about the game, it is actually about the second family we have inherited and how important having that family has been. Our secondary family was born from a friendship between Whoops and his best friend. In reality, Whoop's best friend's family actually became his family. Whoops would go to Thanksgivings, birthday parties and spend Christmas Eve with his secondary family. When Whoops and I started to date, I was lucky enough to be introduced to this family and all of their amazing traditions. One of those traditions being Yale Bowl.

I believe this was the 14th annual Yale Bowl and tailgating begins early. Drinking commences at 9AM, eating commences as soon as the Monkey Bread is brought out. For any of those reading this blog who are unfamiliar with the spectacular invention of monkey bread, please visit: (On a side bar, Williams-Sonoma has a Monkey bread pan: but I digress. The bread is just the beginning followed by mimosas, music, chili, cigars and of course beer. Sometimes we even make it to the game, but let's admit, it is all about the tailgating!

I came home last night after a very entertaining day and just thought about the fact that my family has relocated to Florida and Whoops' family is spread out from East to West. It is incredible to have this second family, whom I love dearly, include is in their gatherings. I have met many people in my life thus far, but never have I met a family that is so true to one another and to those around them. I can only hope that I learn and grow from them being in my life and vice versa.


erica said...

Awe, look at you hottie! I'm so glad you have such a great connection with this surrogate family. Good for you and keep expanding it!

The Happy Runner said...

Sounds like tons of fun.

I love Monkey Bread but can't make it too often or, wow, these thighs will just take over :-)