Monday, September 29, 2008

The Smell of Leaves

At least 1 out of every 5 people will say that they have a love/hate relationship with Autumn because it means that summer is over in some parts of the country and winter (a harsh winter for some) is just around the corner. I live in one of those areas that has a not so mellow winter and yet, when the leaves begin to change and the air begins to smell like leaves and wood stoves burning, I just get a sense of calm.

This also my favorite time of year to run. I take advantage of the short time that I have with Autumn and I try to be outside as much as possible to take it all in. I usually go at night, when it is just about to get dark because that is when it is not too cold but not warm out either. The air does not chill my lungs when I breath in but I still need my long sleeve thermal when I head out the door. Now, even though I adore being outside during this time of year, I need to gush about the most incredible smell when I walk in my house.

No, it is not the smell of wet dogs or the smell of an almost gone plant that I forgot to water (readers, take note that I do not do well with plants, but I should get credit for trying.... all the time... although I should just give up and let the poor plants go to a better home). I digress, my absolute favorite smell when I walk in my door and up my stairs (I am taking a deep breath in right now)... is...

Pumpkin Pie from Yankee Candle

Ohh this smell just makes my home a home even when I do not feel like my home could ever come close to feeling cozy. This candle is a miracle worker! I do not have a fireplace, but I do not even care, because with this candle, I curl up on the couch with Whoops (AKA my fiance) and just snuggle. If you have not gotten this candle yet, now is the time to do it!! I also recommend burning 'Autumn Wreath' in a nearby room and then 'Harvest' in another. All of the scents melt together to form the ultimate fall smell right in your own home! Not to mention some of the candles can also be bought with 100% soy wax! Just a bonus for the eco-conscious.

So go ahead! Run baby run and then light up... a candle!


The Happy Runner said...

You know, I rarely burn candles during the spring or summer but I find myself burning them more in the fall and winter. I've never checked out the pumpkin pie one. yum!

Let It Happen said...

As I was reading this I was thinking that I would never get to smell them because candles make me sick. I had no idea Yankie was making soy candles. Shows how much I boycot un-natural crap. I must go check it out and risk the headache of the store! I'm excited!