Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'll Take One of Those Please

Today was registry day. Only after I went for a run though to prepare myself for several hours of mall time with my fiancé who I can tell you would rather be anywhere but the mall... especially on a Saturday. After I pried him away from his xBox addiction, we were off on our little adventure.

First stop, Williams-Sonoma.

All the choices, all the colors, all the fun gadgets to cook with even though I do not cook. It was like being in a candy store and not knowing what any of the candy tastes like because I have never had any before. Therefore, I had no idea where to begin. Good thing I have my fiancé with me and of course he knew where to start.. the knives.

Of Course! Who ever thought there would be so many different kinds with different weights and now even different colored handles (I loved the white) but since that was my only input I did not get a say. I did want to registered for the Margaritaville machine and anyone who does not have this or has not heard of this needs to at least check it out because it is a must have! After a couple hours, I knew I was getting tired because I just started using the scanning gun on cookbooks.

So off we went.... to lunch so I could reenergize myself and then we decided to leave. As we were making our way towards the exit door in Macy's, my fiancé veered right and before I knew it, we were on the third floor. 'We' just wanted to take a quick look around at the glassware and flatware, just to see what the options were. Next thing I knew I was filling out a registry and we were off to the registry races again. Tired and weary I still found energy to swing that little scanner gun around like it was nobody's business! From little dirt devils to the most amazing cupcake carrier, I was on fire with that thing! After my fiancé scanned a deep fryer though, that is when I knew it was time to call it a day before things got too silly.

I do have a point to this blog though (as you can tell from my Margaritaville link), and that is that for anyone and everyone registering for their wedding may want to do the following:

1. Decide ahead of time what you need and what you want so you are not aimlessly wondering around a store for the better part of a day. As much fun as it sounds, it is very draining so carry a food with you just in the case of a snack attack.

2. If you register at Williams-Sonoma (which is amazing choice), maybe offer other places on the registry that have spoons for less than $18 a pop.

3. Don't piss off the people trying to help you or else they may put random things on your registry and delete the things you actually wanted (I am not sure about this, but I have a theory so be nice anyway).

4. And finally, remember, this is your registry and you are making a wish list for other people to get you these wonderful gifts to celebrate your day so please do not complain about having to take the time to do it! Just be prepared and be grateful and know that it only (for some people) happens once.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hi Jessica!
It seems like just yesterday Todd and I were doing our registry. Your post brought back the memories--I married right out of college, didn't know how to cook, so I really had no idea what I was doing. But those gifts have followed me through 22 years of married life-- and from all over the US to France and back. You'll be so glad you did it. And so will the wedding guests who want to buy you the perfect thing.

Oh, and if a teeny tiny sock monkey is on your list, just google MUFFA. You can find it on her site!

Thanks for swinging by the blog!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Okay, I'm sure you'll think I'm a total loony bird. Why in the world would you register for a tiny sock monkey? :) I got your comment mixed up with another. You were the sweet one that loved monkey bread and a barrel of monkeys!
What a monkey I am!

Jessica said...

Hi Becky! I do not think you're a loon! As for the tiny sock monkey, who wouldn't want one!! Thanks for checking in and giving your feedback on your registry experience!

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