Sunday, September 21, 2008

Love versus 2008

Does love at first site exist? Or is it impossible and only lust at first site given the fact that two people who first meet do not know anything about one another other than what is on the outside. This may seem juvenile, but I have always believed in love at first site. I believe that one person can connect with another person with no words at all. I believe that two people who do not know one another and who have never met can feel one another moving in another room.

I also believe that the world that we live in today has caused us to loose site of love all together let alone love at first site. It seems that some are far too worried about things that seem so insignificant when compared to love. Such things as money, a BMW, a McMansion and having the newest technology. We have so many 'things' in our life now that love seems to take a backseat and is no longer a presence but instead just an object.

I had the opportunity to see two people meet for the first time and have a connection that even I was beginning to question. This connection is something that people who have been together for years might not even have the chance to experience. My point of this post is to bring the love back. That person sitting in the chair next to you, they are not your fiancé, your lover or your spouse. That person is your love at first site, there is a connection there that may be buried so deep given everything we deal with every single day, but it is still there. The iPod, the xBox, and the good book you cannot seem to put down and even the trips to the gym or going for a long run. Nothing should take priority over knowing that you have that one person in your life that gets you. Whether you have known them for 20 minutes or seven years, they get you.

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Katie said...

Isn't it funny how you can meet someone or pass them on the street and totally connect with them without words. I love that feeling!