Friday, September 12, 2008

The Uniqueness of it All

How can we find our own uniqueness with regard to launching a new business, writing a novel or designing a new fashion when it seems like every idea is already taken within the 5 minutes that it is thought of.

Let's take the following into consideration:

a. World population is over 6 billion
b. Go global or go home
c. Stay 20 steps ahead of everyone else

There is a lot of competition and it is not just in the surrounding cities. In order to keep the uniqueness, a brand needs to find its niche. Although it may seem like every fantastic, money-making idea is already taken, it is only the beginning. If there is an idea that a person has, it may already exist, so add an option to that idea or tweak it in a manner that makes it unique yet still valuable to your demographic.

Let's take for example this website that I was made aware of:

Another blog I was reading, , made note of this and I thought I would check it out. My first impression, I though iPhone. It reminded me of the map application on the iPhone, but a little more 'in-depth'. Then I thought to myself, but I do not have an iPhone, so this is actually extremely useful and cool! I even told a couple people about it and it seems to get the same reaction but it is still generating buzz.

The point is, not every idea is taken, but if an idea never gets a chance to be created or tweaked based on your vision, then you will never know. Instead of putting down all the commercials, product placements and articles on the hottest products to hit the market, use those as a launching point for your own ideas and let the brainstorming begin!

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