Saturday, September 6, 2008

What Do You Mean I said 'Yes'?

I am going to offer a little bit of insight into the mind of women. If you are not aware of this already, I can only image the fights that have erupted because of the lack of knowledge or recognition.

I am not going to speak on behalf of all women, but I will have to say about 50% have been guilty of this and 99.9% of those 50% are aware that they do it and continue to do it, I am one of those.

No matter the time, place, date or situation (in most cases), if you (A.K.A. husband, boyfriend, fiancé and/or lover) implies that you are going out and we (A.K.A wife, girlfriend, fiancé and/or lover) say any of the following:

1. I don't care
2. Do what you want
3. If you have to
4. If you feel you need to

Or there is no response at all just the stink eye... this actually means:


Pure and simple, although we do whatever we can to make it as complicated as possible. The burning question... Why can't we just say what we mean?

Well, some do, some won't and some would rather do it this way. It is different for all women and the reason why is different for all as well. My personal view on why we do not just come right out and say it is that we do not want to be perceived as one of the following:

1. Your mother
2. The strict teacher
3. The bitch
4. The bitch all of your friends hate and they talk you into hating (Because let us be honest, you would rather blame your significant other on not being able to go out then getting your balls beat by 'the boys')

Trust me when I say that no matter what, there is a reason we are asking you in a not so obvious way not to go out. Perhaps it is abandonment issues, perhaps we just want the company even if we are both doing two separate things or perhaps it is just knowing that you had the opportunity to go out and you chose to stay in.

It is very clear to see when the above is occurring and for those who are oblivious, I will break it down. The following begins as soon as you say you are going out:

1. Body stiffens
2. Head begins to move slightly up and down
3. Possible huff or a laugh that indicates and 'I knew it' moment
4. Lips purse
5. Hands go on hips or fold
6. No eye contact is made
7. When words are spoken they are short and are covered with disdain

And if you move forward and take the words that we say with regard to this literally even after reading this, then you love the drama and the fights and that is an entirely different topic.

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