Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let Me Introduce My House

Let me just say that ‘we’ thought ‘we’ could do it ‘ourselves’ and ‘we’ decided to hire someone to take over the job.

In a house that needs to be completely remodeled inside and out (think 1970’s with wood paneling… EVERYWHERE) we have one bathroom almost done and sheetrock up and painted in the master bedroom, hallway and living room with another bathroom being ripped apart as I write this. Our contractor came into handle the trim and moulding in those rooms noted above; however, one unexpected fun piece of information we learned was that because of the width difference from going from paneling to sheetrock… we cannot just slap some trim up we actually have to order all new doors and casings.

I swear to you, at that very moment when he told me this…. my 5’1” frame stiffened up and I thought elephants decided to make their home on my chest. So, good times as always with this little fixer-upper… we are now ordering new interior doors.

And that is only a tidbit of why I run, exercise, sleep and take a train to crazy town as often as I do.

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